Our Vision

Aero Design Swiss technology is revolutionizing bicycle aerodynamics by looking beyond simply minimizing frontal area. Aero Design Swiss designs are now being integrated not just into new time trial and triathlon bikes but also road, adventure and e-bikes.

Aero Design technology has already shown its dominance in pure aero events, but now imagine what it can do over a 6 hour per day, 23 stage road event, raced at even higher speeds.

Imagine exploring the wide open spaces on mixed gravel and dirt roads with speed and efficiency and without the worry about getting home.

Imagine increasing the speed and reducing the power requirements of e-bikes to extend your limits and change the world.

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Next Generation

Aero Stem

  • Patented One-Size-Fits-All-Riders design
  • Fits all bikes with a classic 28.6mm (1-1/8”) steerer tube
  • Fits most handlebars with a 31.8mm (1-1/4”) stem clamp diameter
  • Advanced carbon fiber design and construction
  • Massive 10cm Fore/Aft Adjustability from 50 to 150mm
  • Projected first delivery: February 1st, 2018

  The Kickstarter Campaign
   Reward I: The Stem —   Pledge CHF 250.00
   Reward II: —   Pledge 100.00
   Reward III: —   Pledge 25.00
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Sneak Peak

Upcoming Projects

  • Aerodynamic Time Trial / Triathlon Frame and Fork
  • Aerodynamic Road Frame and Fork
  • Aerodynamic Adventure Frame and Fork
  • Aerodynamic Handlebar
  • Aerodynamic Road Bar
  • Aerodynamic Spoke Nipple Cover
  • Early investors get to vote on which project they want delivered first

   The Stem —   CHF 179.00 expected retail price
   The Handlebar —   TBA
   The Frame —   TBA
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A special thank you

Our Contributors

Our company would not exist without the help of our contributers and supporters, so a special thank you goes to you! 

Our board of advisors is made up of Engineers, Professors, Aerodynamics Experts, Magazine Editors, Designers, Athletes, Team Managers, Mechanics and Cycling lovers.

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Our latest designs, news updates, special behind the scenes stories and announcements of our future products!

   Update #2 —   09.05.2017
   Update #1 —   08.05.2017
   Kickstarter Live! —   05.06.17
Latest Update

Who is the face behind the brand?

Morgan Nicol

Following his B.S. in chemical engineering at the University of California Davis and 5 years at 3M, he pursued his career in the cycling industry. His passion for the sport (and for a certain brilliant, beautiful, Swiss-Italian woman) led him to the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland where he learned how to combine Swiss Quality and American Technology with an Italian Flair. 

After more than 30 years of experience in the cycling industry and driven by his passion for innovation and continuous improvement, Morgan Nicol is preparing the next steps to revolutionize the world of bicycle aerodynamics. Morgan invites you to join his team of contributors and advisors to help create the future of sport and efficient transportation.

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